When I Work

Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking Reinvented Easily manage the employee schedule, see real time labor budgets, and communicate with your team.

How When I Work can help

  • Save Time
    Easily communicate schedule changes
  • Handle Change
    Fill dropped shifts in minutes, not hours
  • Improve Accountability
    Communicate with your team from anywhere
  • Improve Accountability
    Integrate other systems with our modern API
  • Improve Accountability
    Real-time labor dashboards powered by WorkalyticsTM
  • Improve Accountability
    Onboard your team in days – not months

Powerful scheduling and time tracking that’s easy to use


Help employees help themselves

Customizable features that allow employees to be involved in scheduling


See how much you can save

How we’re helping other businesses

  • 288




    “Being a national organization with locations spread across the country, the online and app based system allows us to easily monitor scheduling and ensure sites are budgeting correctly.” Barb Mastronicola
  • 99




    “With such a large team of employees out on the field, finding When I Work to process time off requests and swap/ drop shifts saved approximately 2-3 hours per week!” Sean Martinez, Director of Operations
  • 400+




    “We looked at other scheduling systems but chose When I Work because it was easy to use and the employees like using it. Before, the managers were on the phone all the time with employees about schedules. When I Work eliminated most of those calls by helping the employees be more self-reliant.” Operations Director

Integrates directly with your payroll system